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How We Help Cannabis Companies?


With continuously growing demand for cannabis-based therapies by consumers, the medical cannabis market offers great potential for long-term growth. However, this market is still suffering from Highly volatile legal status. Recent changes in regulations lead to uncertainties between authorities as well as for entrepreneurs entering into or expanding this business.

In order to utilize this market potential, cannabinoid drug development companies need to keep up with the fast-changing requirements from the authorities. Our global partners enable us to facilitate the needs of cannabinoid drug companies throughout the entire life-cycle of the drug development. We help our customers prepare their long-term development, while staying up to date with the demands of local and international authorities.​​

Global Registration & Regulatory Services

Complete regulatory services, covering all stages of your product’s life-cycle:

  • Business scope definition from a legal perspective

  • Clarification of the applicable legal situation in the anticipated markets

  • Discussion/Meeting with involved authorities

  • Set up of appropriate QM systems

  • Multiple license applications

  • Introduction to third party service providers from our network

  • Review of technical agreements, define roles and responsibilities of partners

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Cannabis Drug Development & Manufacturing


Contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) services that take you from pre-clinical to commercial:

  • Drug product development:

    • Formulation development - experience working with                THC (plant derived and synthetic) and CBD.

    • Upstream process development

    • Downstream process development

  • Contract manufacturing:

    • GMP production site

    • Various forms - chewing gum, solids, semi-solids and liquids

    • Accreditation by all leading authorities

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Cannabis Drug Discovery

A wide range of products/services to help push your drug discovery forward: 

  • CB1 & CB2 assays – binding and functional assays

  • Cell lines that can be optimized for potency assays for lot release

  • Custom assay development

  • In vitro/In vivo pharmacology services:

    • Safety panels

    • BioMAP – Primary cell based phenotypic screen

    • In vivo pain models – small animals

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