Corporate & Business Development services

Mergers & Acquisitions

With years of experience in countless Mergers & Acquisitions projects, we’re ready to take your business to the next level. At YDL Ventures, we combine our insights and experience to strategize, scout, execute, and synergize throughout the entire M&A process.

Our staff has the actual experience and capabilities to support such project.

We’re proud to help shape how leading companies structure and manage their business.

What we can do for you:
• Scouting & sourcing for your appropriate targets
• Anonymously approach relevant targets
• Lead & manage initial due diligence
• Support the negotiation process
• Term sheet writing
• Definitive Agreements support 
• Integration Process planning and leading through: cost reduction plan, synergies utilization plan, new organizational structure and all required tasks for a successful integration

Global Business Development


YDL Ventures assist you in creating a scalable, measurable, and effective global expansion process, results in a sustainable infrastructure that can be smoothly managed by your commercial managers.


We establish, operate and support processes such as:
• Define appropriate territories for expansion based on strategic analysis
• Modify processes for global commercialization
• Allocate appropriate partners/distributors/resellers
• Utilize YDL Ventures global network
• Analyze regulatory issues, pricing schemes, local logistics and other strategic/tactical issues
• Execution- Manage processes with distributors and partner companies, and other relevant accounts

Growth Strategies

When a company is young it seems like growth is easy to manage. It starts to be harder when the scale increases and when long term planning is necessary. Shareholders of always aspire for a long-term plan, a request often arrives from the Board of Directors. They all look for the confidence that the company has a plan to continue deliver growth.

A long-term strategic plan, when designed appropriately serves two goals at once:

• Gives your shareholders confidence that you know where you are heading not only tomorrow but in a few years time.
• Serves management as a compass to lead its operations according to long term goals, while constantly measure the

   company’s performance according to the progress long-term plan.

YDL Ventures, through years of experience in designing such plans, will support this entire process through:
• understand the set of capabilities, required growth prospects, and general strategic goals through interviewing top &

   mid-level management, and board members.
• Plan a long-term revenue plan, as well as a sustainable cost management plan.
• work closely with all stakeholders to put together and present a sustainable, manageable and strategic long-term plan

Project Management

YDL Ventures, through its subsidiary- MediCan Consulting, aims to assist companies in establishing a robust project management methods in order to achieve better results in terms of time, money and quality.

With use of our vast knowledge and specialized experience in project management, we are happy to provide you with solutions, tailored specifically to the needs of your business, in order to ensure achievement of your project goals efficiently and successfully.

• Project Management Consulting
• Project Management Course
• PMO (Project Management Office) establishment and services
• MS-Project training and Implementation
• Smart-Sheet training and Implementation
• Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
• Managerial Dashboard
• Workshops for team members

Technology Scouting

It is not accidently that Israel is called the Start-Up Nation. Though it is only in the size of New Jersey,

it is ranked #2 in terms of absolute number of start-ups, and a far #1 for start-ups per capita. Up until 2014 Israel invested 4.7% of its GDP in R&D, the highest ration worldwide. Such investments lead not only to 10 Noble prize winners, but also to:

• R&D Centers of the biggest world conglomerates: Apple, Goodle, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, IBM,

   and many others
• Local parnering, investment offices, and R&D centers of the biggest healthcare companies: Novartis, Merck Serono,

   GE Healthcare, Covidien, Fosun Pharma, and many others
• Numerous local scouting and investment offices that constantly tracks the latest technology offering, indsutrial &       

   academic research, and potential licensing/acquisition deals
• Home of innovative companies such as: Teva, Check Point, M-Systems (Disk-on-Key), Mobileye,

   Waze, Mirabilis (ICQ)

YDL Ventures provides the ideal solution for companies which aspire to be as close as it gets to the latest technology and inventions without the hassle and required capital investment of starting an office in Israel. YDL Ventures will perform all scouting and investment related operations for your company from A to Z including:

• Initial Sourcing & Screening of relevant companies & technologies
• Due Diligence- Technology analysis, IP analysis, financial & strategic analysis
• Financial Valuation
• Documents Writing & Translation
• Negotiations
• All Required Local Services- from legal through accounting and up to local registration

YDL Ventures is working closely with local venture capital funds, technology transfer offices, and government official offices. YDL Ventures is already working with global conglomerates and venture funds on their scouting services in Israel.

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