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Laboratory Scientist

Bioanalytical Services

Leading supplier of

bioanalysis and DMPK solutions

Support discovery, preclinical and clinical studies

Comprehensive range of PK/TK, ADME, ADA, NAb, biomarker assays

Bioanalytical Services

Eurofins is a leading supplier of bioanalysis and DMPK solutions, with cutting-edge scientific expertise. They support discovery, preclinical and clinical studies providing method development, validation, and sample analysis in all biological matrices for both small and large molecule drug development.


Through collaboration YDL offers a comprehensive range of PK/TK, ADME, ADA, NAb, biomarker assays and sample analysis to all sponsors in the world’s pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical landscape.

Eurofins ADME Bioanalysis is at the forefront of novel approaches to overcome the most complex assay challenges and demonstrate industry leadership in developing, optimizing, validating and performing immunoassays and LC/MS/MS bioanalysis on human and animal specimens. They offer trusted bioanalytical solutions to support studies from preclinical non-GLP to IND-enabling Toxicity studies to multi-national Phase III clinical trials.


We can take your drug from research through development to regulatory submission.

Science Lab

What We Offer

  • Scientific expertise supporting the widest scope in clinical trials with small and large molecule bioanalysis for PK/TK, ADA and cell based NAb. Our services also include PK calculations and interpretation, bioequivalence studies, and biomarker assays.

  • State-of-the-art laboratory facilities in the USA and France providing diverse platforms and technologies including LC-MS/MS and ELISA to address increasingly demanding client specifications.

  • In-house development of small molecule assays, ELISA and ECL development, creation, and analysis of antibody-drug conjugates.

  • Dermal absorption studies [in vitro/in vivo]

  • Advice from a highly qualified team, adaptability for all study designs, flexibility in timelines.

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