Drug Development Services

Early Drug Discovery & Development:


Early and preclinical drug development is a complex, regulatory and strategy-driven process. The most important element of the preclinical process is to select the best molecule to enter into the clinical trials and to limit failure in full development.

Thus, the priority during the development process lies in characterizing the Mechanism of Action (MoA) of the molecule, its safety & pharmacology and its efficacy.

Through its partners, YDL Ventures offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your drug development needs. We offer a broad portfolio of over 3500 drug discovery services and 1800 products to assist your drug development process. These include:

  • In Vitro Assays

  • Cell-Based Phenotypic Assays

  • Safety Pharmacology & Efficacy

  • ADME Tox

  • Chemistry

  • Custom Assay Development Capabilities

We support a variety of drug discovery targets such as GPCRs, Kinases, Ion Channels, Nuclear Hormone Receptors and other proteins & enzymes.

Eurofins’ network of expertise and full service is not only a matter of convenience but also an issue of confidence and security to succeed with your project. Our clients select Eurofins for this distinctive match of expertise, flexibility and full service. This beneficial setting explains why Eurofins is working for 8 out of the 10 biggest Pharma companies.

Complete Preclinical Services:

Preclinical activities encompass toxicology, pharmacology, metabolism, pharmaceutical analysis and biosafety testing. YDL Venture’s partnership with Eurofins BioPharma enables us to harness Eurofins’ preclinical expertise and offer our customers the advantage to host industry leading experts in preclinical and clinical development within the same organization. This structure allows us to design the overall strategy for the benefit of your compound. The coordination of the preclinical activity of your projects is targeted for a successful clinical development. We ensure timely, accurate and accessible data. Eurofins does not only deliver you the results but put these in the context due to our consultancy support. This integrated approach is making us different and it is the basis of the success of your projects and our business.


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